Charlotte Anne Harwell, 29 October 1979
graphite on paper, 9x12 inches

"My life is like a dream
I do not know
How it began, nor yet
How it will go"
Monk Gibbon
Seen at left, 25 years after the
first drawing is the portrait of
Charlotte Harwell I would have
painted had I only the skill at
the time. This painting was done
literally 25 years to the day of
the original. For some strange
reason, among my art supplies
was the Pedigree
stenographer's pencil I had
used for the 1979 drawing. I
used it again to lay out the

At the time I did the painting, I
thought it would bethe last
painting I would do of my dear
Charlotte. But after two years, I
still feel that there are many
paintings of her left to do. Only
time will tell.